Parkland Habitat Partnership

The Parkland Habitat Partnership is a coalition of agencies working in the Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve to promote habitat conservation. The Partnership has managed various projects in the area since 2001 and through field work, personal contacts with landowners/youth and open houses, has been instrumental in raising awareness of conservation and indirectly helping to secure over 1,000 acres in conservation agreements.

2012 Project

The Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve has initiated a new project to engage key stakeholders in a coordinated approach to long-term invasive species management. For more information, please click here.

2010 Field Project

The success of most conservation programs depends on cooperative efforts by all land managers, whether private or public. The Parkland Habitat Partnership (PHP) involves collaboration between agencies and raises the profile of conservation efforts in the area.

A portion of this project involves completing a list of lands to be targeted for conservation efforts in the area between Riding Mountain National Park and Duck Mountain Provincial Forest. Sites are ranked for their conservation potential and shared within the PHP for follow-up conservation action by partner agencies (e.g. Ducks Unlimited, Nature Conservancy of Canada).  The main emphasis then shifts to developing a communication strategy and implementing some key tactics such as creating a webpage on the RMBR website. Landowner open houses are held in the local area as a communication tool to increase knowledge of conservation options, awareness of conservation programs and an understanding and appreciation for conservation efforts. Some project funds are used to sponsor youth to attend an Eco Science camp. These grade 7-9 students in turn make presentations at their schools and bring back information for their families.

This project emphasizes conservation of natural habitat. The primary activity of of the PHP is to inventory forests, grasslands and wetlands on private land in the inter-mountain corrider.The focus is then to promote conservation of natural habitat and prioritize private land parcels with undisturbed native vegetation and aquatic habitats for targeted conservation efforts through land stewardship securement activities (by the Nature Conservancy of Canada and other agencies). The Land Inventory Specialist contacts selected landowners in this area to discuss current and past land use activities, land stewardship, and conservation easement programs. The PHP also promotes conservation through outreach and education activities. Annual local open houses outline the conservation efforts, current research, and future goals of the PHP and its partners.

2010 Field Season Report

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