At the Farm Gate

Creating Connections. Supporting local farmers, producers and artisans.

Our Vision

We are building a stronger rural economy by connecting people to their local farmers and artisans.

We all know that there is a growing trend of people who are cooking more meals at home and becoming aware of sustainable, eco-conscious eating and green foods. These same people are concerned about the quality of the food that they are eating, their health and the health of the environment.


The RMBR is helping these “locavores” to find locally produced, fresh products that many of our small family farms are already producing and selling “At the Farm Gate,” such as farm fresh eggs, grass-fed or free-range beef, pork, and chicken, jams, jellies and preserves, baking, fruits, vegetables, and much more.


More and more, people want to support their local artisans and makers, whether it be works of art, pottery, handmade clothing and quilts, skin care products or locally made furniture.


Our goal is to help build a stronger rural, regional economy by encouraging people who live, work and play in the RMBR region to purchase food and other necessities locally, to get to know where their food comes from and to get to know their farmer. But we need to show them where these products are available and encourage those connections.



Upcoming At the Farm Gate Events 2024

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Location: Onanole Recreation Centre
Time: 10 am to 3 pm


Saturday, September 14, 2024

Location: Onanole Recreation Centre
Time: 10 am to 3 pm